Rolex: arrival of the Milgauss GV blue dial 'Z '

The latest Rolex Milgauss (40 mm, housing non-magnetic) with green ice and blue dial 'Z' currently arrives at retailers... Great opportunity to revisit this surprise - size - by the Geneva-based manufacture on the occasion of the last Basel fair.

It had noticed in the last catalogues of the mark to the Crown, that the Milgauss black dial disappeared from circulation... in all discretion. Remained so that the Milgauss White Dial and dial Milgauss black green ice (all two launched in 2007). Far from stop this model, become iconic brand in its version "GV".

Rolex continues the development of this collection with the arrival of a beautiful new Milgauss blue dial 'Z' and green ice (ref. 116.400 GV / calibre 3131)! His first name? The "Z blue! Well obviously refers to its dial 'magnetic blue' (necessarily for a watch that is... non-magnetic). There are, as on all others, the famous orange second hand shaped Flash!

For the record, remember that the Milgauss was founded in 1956 by Rolex for the engineers and technicians face the disruption caused by the magnetic waves on mechanical Fake Watches. It was designed at the time to withstand powerful interference up to 1000 gauss - where his name-while retaining its performance and precision of chronometer officially certified.

Pioneer in the field, it will illustrate to the wrist of scientists at the European Organization for nuclear research (CERN), in Geneva, and will have access to the status of shows on science and technical progress through excellence. Several innovations contribute to its resistance to magnetism. The first line of defence consists of a ferromagnetic alloys display located inside the Oyster case around the movement, an invention patented by Rolex in 1954. The second parade lies at the level of key components of the movement, the oscillator and the exhaust, made in innovative ParaMagnetic materials, developed by Rolex since 2000.

In 88, when the Milgauss was withdrawn from the market, Rolex dealers were difficult to sell these models that "not listened as 11,400 Francs" (about 1740 euros). However, since a dozen of years, these watches are a formidable side of popularity with collectors who must pay in the € 20,000 to afford a piece of time (years 60/80). Regarding new 2007 model, the success of the "GV" is never really wavered since its launch... There is no doubt that the 'Z blue' will follow the same path...

The Oyster of the Milgauss 40 mm case, guaranteed watertight up to 100 meters, is carved from a solid block of 904L steel particularly resistant to corrosion (and only used in series by Rolex). Its fluted bottom is tightly screwed using a special tool to the watchmakers of the brand. Crown Crown, fitted with the patented double seal Twinlock system is firmly screwed on the housing. As for ice, it is virtually scratchproof green sapphire.

The Milgauss is equipped with calibre 3131, a self-winding mechanical movement entirely developed and manufactured by Rolex. Like all Rolex movements, the latter of course is certified Swiss chronometer (COSC). It integrates also Rolex-patented components to guarantee the level of resistance to magnetic disturbances that gives it its name.

The exhaust of the Milgauss is thus equipped with a wheel to spin anchor in an alloy of nickel-phosphorus technology microfabrication (UV-LiGA) fully controlled internally. The oscillator, heart of the watch, has the spiral blue Hairspring patented and manufactured by Rolex in an exclusive alloy of niobium and zirconium. Perfectly insensitive to magnetic fields, this spiral presents a high stability against temperature variations and remains up to ten times more accurate than a traditional spiral in the event of shocks.

As the Oyster bracelet, it is equipped with a bracelet clasp clasp designed by Replica Rolex. It has also fast extension mesh Easylink, an ingenious system patented by that allows to easily adjust the length about 5 mm for extra comfort in any circumstance (ideal in summer when your wrist swells).

From at Rolex Cellini is a classic watchmaking, but lovers of watches tended, until now, to move towards other brands... With the arrival of this new collection, there is a strong bet that now, the Geneva Manufactory will only be considered a mark of luxury only watches sports! There is no doubt that these new Cellini will quickly position itself in the world of chic models and classes!

This timepiece called Cellini Time is the "simplest" of this new collection: hours, minutes, and seconds. Nothing more. The essence of time. Its dial (available in lacquered black or lacquered white) is extremely readable. Roman numerals are here drawn and stylized; the index applied are elongated and shared in their environment, by the passage of the timer. The perimeter of the dial, it was shifted to a median position within reach of the needles. Shaped swords (a classic of watchmaking) and decorated with facets, they tick every second, every minute and every hour through this (COSC) automatic movement which animates this beautiful timeless timepiece.

This Time Cellini is available with a 39 mm (perfect size) in white gold case or Everose 18 ct (specific to Rolex rose gold) water-resistant to 50 metres. The full caseback is curved, which reinforces the parentage of this piece with some vintage Rolex . The winding Crown is screwed and displays the Rolex Relojes Imitacion. This watch can be worn on a leather strap alligator gloss large scales, sewn and rolled, black or brown colour depending on models, with a buckle in gold the color of the box.